The Worlds 13 Most Dangerous Airports

Fasten your seatbelts.

Do you know those people who clap when a plane lands at an airport? Seems crazy to appreciate a quick, painless landing, but sometimes the round of applause is well-deserved. Not all airports offer an easy-breezy touchdown to pilots—some need special training and licenses. Even then, it’s a feat to maneuver cliffs, short runways, and wind shears. These are the kind of flights where passengers grip their armrests until they’re white-knuckled, their stomachs churning due to turbulence. These are the world’s most dangerous airports, but what dramatic take-offs and landings–you can enjoy magnificent views if you can bear to keep your eyes open!

Flight Attendant: “These Are the Weirdest Pre-Flight Superstitions I’ve Seen”

Passengers and flight attendants reveal the most unique pre-flight superstitions, from kissing to twirling to traveling with stuffed toys.

Before each flight, flight attendants witness some interesting and, well, odd superstitious actions that passengers will take to ensure they have a safe journey. Airlines are even in on the game, with most avoiding row or flight number 13 and some airports skipping gate 13 altogether. Whether it’s something learned as a child, taught by a fearful flying friend, or a habit developed as an adult to help a favorite sports team win—passengers’ pre-flight superstitions run the gamut from curious to downright hilarious.

Fodor’s Go List 2022: After a year of dreaming, we’re putting plans into action.

If there’s one thing 2021 brought to the travel industry, it’s the return of obsessive, unbridled wanderlust. While the pandemic closed borders, forced lockdowns, and complicated travel planning, it gave us plenty of time to imagine all the wonderful places we’d like to visit after the plague recedes.

But the singular question remains: Will 2022 be the year that we can safely venture to all corners of this weird and wonderful world? Who knows? We’re out of crystal balls, tea leaves, and Tarot cards. So, this year we’re being a little more practical.

That’s why we’ve kept our recommendations domestic. But don’t let the home-grown suggestions give you pause. This is a list unlike any other you’ve ever seen–one that takes you to the hidden corners and secret gems of this country, from Maine to the Northern Mariana Islands. We’re highlighting the best, brightest, weirdest, most unusual, and most worthwhile travel destinations in the U.S. for your consideration.

But like many of you, we’re still jonesing for international travel. And traveling abroad may still be in the cards for the intrepid. For anyone looking to ease back into the bigger world, start by checking out our wide range of incredible worldwide accommodations in our 2022 Fodor’s Finest Hotel List, which takes into account that these days, a hotel is often the destination. Or, take a gander at our last Go List, published two years ago, stuffed full of gorgeous cities that have mostly been off-limits to visitors.

If you can travel there safely and responsibly, do it–go anywhere in the world. That’s why we’re not publishing our annual No List–we’re relying on you, our loyal readers, to consider your own, personal risk assessment and how that impacts your travel decisions and your travel needs, as well as the needs and safety of the communities you visit.

So whether you’re already in the car or still perusing lists for wanderlust-fodder, we’ve got loads of suggestions and ways to make it work. In 2022, let’s keep dreaming–and start making dreams reality, too.

Edited by Stacey Lastoe. Additional editing by Rachael Levitt, Eva Morreale, Nikki Vargas, and Jeremy Tarr. Photo editing by Viviane Teles, Rebecca Rimmer, and Eddie Aldrete.