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If you want to try the Piedmontese version of a tasty hamburger, visit M**Bun. Here the best of local production is employed to make delicious fast food dishes in the slow food manner. Everything here is made in the Piedmontese style: even the menu is entirely written in the local dialect.


Piedmont region is a very important Italian gastronomic centre. Some of the creations invented here are now known all over the world, such as Grissini breadsticks or Gianduia — a typical hazelnut chocolate. The combination of chocolate and nuts gave the start to Nutella, which is also produced here in Piedmont. If you are an adventurous eater this region certainly won't disappoint you, offering a wide range of pasta, rice, game meat, freshwater fish and delicious desserts made with the best chocolate in the country. All this is normally accompanied by some of the finest wines in Italy: Barbera, Dolcetto, Barolo, Moscato and more. Last but not least, to finish your meal with a high note, enjoy some delicious local grappas.