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To try an exotic version of the Piedmontese apericena, visit Beena. Along with your drink you can try seven or eight mini-courses from the Indian tradition, such as tandoori chicken, fried vegetables, curry chicken, samosas, and much more. The menu is varied and it is frequently updated.


Italy knows coffee, and Turin is no exception. In the city centre, you can find plenty of long-lived cafes mirroring the splendour and elegance of days of old. Turin cafes are all about chocolate and gianduja cream (a mix of chocolate and nuts). Speaking of which, do not miss the chance to try Bicerin, which comes in two forms: a hot drink of carefully layered espresso, chocolate and milk or a 15% liquor that tastes like Gianduiotto hazelnut chocolate. Last but not least, don't leave Italy before tasting a real Italian gelato. A very typical Turin tradition is the apericena (halfway between aperitif and dinner) served in almost all bars and cafes of the city, for which normally one pays for the drink and gets various dishes with it. It is the ideal meal to start your night in this amazing city.