Byblos Club


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Byblos Club

Byblos Club is a great place to have fun, a unique nightclub in a green park that breathes a Mediterrean air, where you can also enjoy an ever-updated array of live performances.

Bars & Nightlife

Rimini is a city where the night is always young. The locals follow a precise nighttime routine: as soon as the sun sets they start out at Rimini's seaside bars and then head to the clubs and discos, where they spend the period between midnight and the wee hours of the morning. Among the numerous festivals that Rimini offers, the most special one is "La Notte Rosa", which is the greatest festival of the summer, the so called summer New Year in the riviera. The entire coast is tinged with pink for more than 170 kilometres of the Adriatic coast and Marche, resulting in an explosion of lights, sounds, colours, concerts, theatre performances, readings and much more.