Trattoria Lillicu


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Trattoria Lillicu

Lillicu is a Cagliari institution whose history goes back to 1938. Despite its age, this eatery never lost the typical atmosphere of an authentic trattoria with its informal attitude. Fresh fish is used for the delightful traditional dishes served here; the menu changes daily depending on the catch of each particular day.


Despite the fact that Sardinia is surrounded by the sea, the best-known local dish is porceddu — roasted suckling pig. This does not mean that seafood is not part of the regional tradition, however. On the contrary, along the coast, you can enjoy daily fresh barbecued fish, such as striped bream, sea bass, and red and grey mullet. Sardinians are very proud of their culinary tradition, so leave Italian and international food for later and appreciate the unique flavours of local cuisine, including (but not limited to) the delicious bread "cifraxu" and regional cheeses.