Cagliari Cathedral


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Cagliari Cathedral

Cagliari Cathedral, in Italian: Duomo di Cagliari, Cattedrale di Santa Maria e Santa Cecilia, is a Roman Catholic church which was constructed in the 13th century in Pisan-Romanesque style and restored during the 1930s. Walking along its naves, you will admire the amazing marble elements, which provide the building with an enchanting aura, as well as the two astonishing pulpits sculpted by Guglielmo da Pisa.

Do & See

Under the arcades of Via Roma, in Largo Cargo Felice and Yenne Square, you will find the historical cafés of the city with their adorable outdoor tables. Here, espresso and cappuccino accompanied by small puff pastries are a real ceremony. Below Saint Remy Bastion, two pedestrian streets host mostly fashionable shops, which make them perfect for a walk and for a shopping afternoon: Via Manno and Via Garibaldi. Lastly, Castello is the ancient district perched on top of the hill, from which your gaze will reach the lagoon and lakes, taking your breath away. Here, the aristocracy and rulers of the city used to live throughout Cagliari's history. Indeed, even today, the coat of arms is visible on the edifice's front doors. In Castello, many places deserve a visit, so take your time to appreciate them all.