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This popular local chain serves one of Yunnan's most iconic dishes: the so-called "crossing-the-bridge noodles" (guòqiáo mĭxiàn). True origins of the name are lost in time; legend has it, there was once a lady who discovered a way to keep noodles from getting soggy and broth from cooling down while she carried them across the bridge to her husband – the liquid was kept separate from noodles and insulated with chicken fat to stay hot longer. Today, mixian remains one of the much-loved local specialities. Order at the counter, then proceed to the second floor to find a seat and hand your receipt over to a waiter. Your broth and noodles will arrive shortly, accompanied by a wide variety of add-ins you can mix into the soup. Everything gets cooked right then and there, and is ready to eat within a couple of minutes.

Useful Information

  • Address: 195 Baoshan St, Wuhua, Kunming

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