Yuantong Buddhist Temple


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Yuantong Buddhist Temple

The splendid Yuantong Temple is the most important Buddhist site in the entire province, with a history of nearly 1200 years. Unlike at other temples, you enter at an elevation and make your way down through tranquil temple grounds – these feature ornate pavilions and halls (the main hall maintains Yuan dynasty architecture), mountain caves and stone staircases. carved directly into the cliff sides.

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The best way to experience the charm of Kunming is to simply wander around the constantly evolving city centre. Though modernising the city is an ongoing process, most residences in Kunming still retain the traditional style of architecture, quadrangle courtyards with sun-powered water heaters, and comfortable temperatures even without air conditioning, thanks to the landscape and climate. Flowers are abundant – at roadside stores, along green belts, and across tables of local eateries, giving the city a very pleasant vibe. Most sights outside the city centre are just a quick bus ride away, with enough to occupy the visitor for more than a couple of days.