Turkey Backroads

03/07/2023 through 10/17/2024
03/07/2023 through 10/20/2024
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Turkey Backroads

Set out on a five-day trip through Turkey, packed full of ancient monuments and local moments, and centred around a visit to the summit of sacred Mt Nemrut. Wander around a 300-year-old bazaar in Darende, stay with a local family in a small rural village, watch the sun set over the giant stone heads scattered around the mountaintop tomb of King Antiochus I, then stroll the lively streets of Istanbul with your local leader and let them show you where to get the best islak burger in town. This trip is designed so that even if you’re short on time, you can explore the backroads of Turkey and uncover all the good stuff.


  • Darende – Orientation Walk
  • Darende – Gunpinar Waterfall
  • Mt Nemrut – Mt Nemrut guided visit
  • Mt Nemrut – Karakus Tumulus
  • Istanbul – Taksim District Orientation Walk


  • Discover a lesser-seen side of Turkey, taking the backroads from Cappadocia to the eastern province of Malatya to experience local life and local flavours.
  • Enjoy a homestay experience in Kahta, helping out in the fields or the kitchen, cooking with the family and enjoying village life.
  • Spend a day exploring the ancient city of Darende, wandering through a 300-year-old bazaar and sampling famous local delicacies like dried apricot.
  • Watch the sun set over the massive stone heads that sit atop Mt Nemrut, which were once part of the elaborate necropolis built by King Antiochus I.
  • Explore the continent-straddling metropolis of Istanbul, strutting your stuff with the locals on a popular street, sipping rich coffee and discovering (and falling in love with) wet burgers.


Day 1 Cappadocia/Darende
Day 2 Kahta Homestay
Day 3 Mt Nemrut
Day 4 Istanbul
Day 5 Istanbul

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