South Korea Real Food Adventure

05/22/2023 through 12/23/2024
05/22/2023 through 12/26/2024
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South Korea Real Food Adventure

Immerse yourself in the choose-your-own adventure atmosphere of South Korean food, from bibimbap to immense street food markets that you could get lost in (if it weren’t for the local guiding you to the best stalls!). South Korea’s food scene is often delightfully informal and meals in South Korea are all about finding your flavours. Chow down on meals served with dozens of toppings, light and crispy Korean fried chicken washed down with a small-batch craft beer, silky glass noodles stirred with colourful salad and the various delightful iterations of kimchi. Discover the flavourful diversity and heritage of this rich culinary scene. 


  • Seoul – Korean Fried Chicken Welcome Dinner
  • Jeonju – Kimchi Cooking Class
  • Jeonju – Hanok Village Visit
  • Sunchang – Gochujang (traditional chilli paste) Cooking Demonstration
  • Jeonju – Craft Brewery Tour
  • Golgulsa Temple – Temple Stay Program with Sunmudo (Martial Arts) Training and Meditation
  • Gyeongju – Korean Street Food Tour at a Traditional Market
  • Gyeongju – Farm Visit
  • Golgulsa Temple – Morning Meditation and tea time with a Monk
  • Busan – Lighthouse Visit
  • Busan – Jalgachi Seafood Market Tour
  • Busan – Seafood BBQ Lunch by the sea
  • Busan – Haeundae Beach Visit
  • Seoul – Celebratory Korean BBQ Dinner


  • Savour the flavours of South Korea’s slow food capital Jeonju, slurping kongnamul gukbap and soup noodles in local haunts and learning to craft kimchi and hangwa (sugar cookies).
  • Immerse yourself in monastic life during a temple stay in Gyeongju, including a plant-based dinner with chanting meditation and, if you’d like, a martial arts class.
  • Spend a day diving deep into South Korean seafood in Busan, embracing the chaotic energy and of the port seafood market before munching clams in an oceanfront restaurant.
  • Visit a craft brewery in Jeonju for a taste of South Korea’s booming and inventive craft beer scene, which has exploded in popularity in recent years.
  • Follow your local leader to the best stalls in the labyrinthian Gwangang Market in Seoul, which featured in the Netflix series ‘Street Food’.


Day 1 Seoul
Day 2 Jeonju
Day 3 Jeonju
Day 4 Temple Stay
Day 5 Busan
Day 6 Busan
Day 7 Seoul
Day 8 Seoul

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